Response to the “Deathly Ill” Letter #2: Why it won’t work

You seem to think that you can actually separate the church – that you can divide the good old-fashioned Bible-believing family-values anti-gay Christians from the homosexual heretics and those who support them . Just cleanly pull the two groups apart, like tearing along the perforation.

This makes me smile to myself.

Because it won’t work.

If you wanted to separate blacks from whites (I dunno, for old times’ sake?), that would be easier, because at least white people tend to have white children and black people have black children.

But straight people keep having gay children! So just when you think you’re rid of us – surprise! Another straight Christian family will be confronted with a gay son or daughter, sister or brother. (For what it’s worth, gay people have straight kids, too; it goes both ways.)

You can’t get away from us!

More importantly, it won’t work, because in churches all across this country, people are picking up the Bible and reading it – actually reading it! – and discovering that what they’ve been told simply isn’t true. They’re discovering that God’s love is bigger than what they’ve seen in their churches, and discovering that the condemnation that they’ve been told is clear may not be quite so clear. And the Holy Spirit is opening the hearts and minds of Christians, challenging their preconceived ideas and breaking down barriers.

One thought on “Response to the “Deathly Ill” Letter #2: Why it won’t work”

  1. This is interesting. I was almost using this argument in a dicussion about gay parenting the other day, but did not get ot articulate it. Much food for thought!

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